AUTOENJOY™ eyewear is specifically designed for speed driving of cars, motorcycles, bicycles, powerboats, etc. by the “Optic Innovation Technology Ltd.” enterprise. During glasses manufacture a new enterprise development is used that is T.A.C. 100 polarized lens aimed for the day and night driving.

Flashlights «Defenders» AUTOENJOY trademark are represented by two types of LED with increasing light output: CREE XP-E R2 and XM-L2. 
The producer of these LEDs is American company Cree Inc., the world’s leader in production of semiconductor crystals of silicon carbide (SiC).

There are several kinds of flashlights: hunting, biking , camping flashlights for spearfishing and others.
We present you the flashlights «Defenders», made in the form of a police baton, a baseball bat, torch etc. Flashlight «Defender» will not only illuminate the dark corners, but also give the opportunity to defend yourself in difficult and dangerous situations.